Academic staff & postdocs

Prof. Rachael E. Jack
Director of the FACESYNTAX lab
Head of cSCAN
Dr. Limor Raviv
Director of the LEADS lab
Prof. Emily S. Cross
Director of the SoBA lab
Prof. Stacy Marsella
Wolfson Chair of Excellence
Director of the Marsella lab
Prof. Frank Pollick
Director of the SNP Education Hub
Director of Pollick lab
Dr. Chaona Chen
Leverhulme Early-Career Research Fellow
Dr. Jonas Nölle
Postdoc, FACESYNTAX lab
Dr. Amol Deshmukh
Postdoc, SoBA lab
Dr. Laura Hensel
Postdoc, Marsella lab
Dr. Pablo Arias
Marie Skłodowska-Curie postdoctoral fellow
Dr. Lukas Galke
Postdoc, LEADS lab
Dr. Gang Li
Postdoc, Pollick lab
Laura-Jastrzab Visiting Researcher, SoBA lab

Associated members

Prof. Philippe Schyns
Dean of MVLS Research Technology
Director of the Schyns lab
Dr. Phil McAleer
Senior lecturer
Dr. Robin Ince
Senior Research Scientist
Dr. Lukas Snoek
Postdoc, Schyns lab
Dr. Yuening Yan
Postdoc, Schyns lab
Dr. Joana Carvalheiro
, Philiastides lab
Dr. Desislava Arabadzhiyska Postdoc, Philiastides lab
Dr. Tarryn Balsdon
Postdoc, Philiastides lab
Yaocong Duan Postdoc, Schyns lab

Research students

Ralitsa Kostova
Philiastides lab
Lewis Cheung
Tobias Theijll-Madsen
Marserlla lab
Yingying Huang
Pollick lab
Sean Westwood
Philiastides lab
Valentina Gosetti
Xuan Cui
Schyns lab
Guy Laban
SoBA lab
Shaul Ashkenazi FACESYNTAX lab
Yichen Wu FACESYNTAX lab
Max Christou