MOSAIC (Multimodal Social Interactions) brings together an international group of social interaction researchers from different fields, including visual and auditory perception, language and psycholinguistics, communication theory, and social robotics, to address current challenges within a stimulating intellectual environment. If you’re interested in joining the group and/or receiving notifications on our upcoming monthly meetings, please join our MS Team and follow our Twitter for updates!

We started out in 2021 and are now hosting monthly ‘Grand Challenge’ meetings in which we discuss a topic, method, or question of interest for research on multimodal social interaction. The Meetings are hosted by MOSAIC members and often feature guests, such as authors of papers that we discuss in the group, or experts in a specific method. Usually around 15-30 people attend our monthly 90-min Zoom meetings, on the last Thursday of each month at 2pm- 3.30pm UK time. The full events calendar of upcoming meetings for 2022/2023 can be found below.

Event Calendar 2024

We are also looking for more volunteers to help facilitate these meetings as our community grows, so if you’re interested, please get in touch with Rachael, Jonas or Limor.